Plan of Study

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Plan of Study



Generally, management is a discipline with broad scope of subjects. To be successful in this field, it is necessary to combine personal academic background with work experiences. Thus, students with multi-discipline mindset are more likely to stand out. This discipline emphasize leadership, teamwork, analytical decision making, global understanding, and ethics and social responsibility. After graduation, students might find jobs such as human resources assistants, consultants, property managers, and business analysts.



Academic Goals

As a previous architecture student who are currently major in management, I am trying to investigate deeply the overlap area between those two disciplines, and would like to take part in programs that could help managers and decision-makers of architecture projects get more knowledge about the projects as well as management skills. Besides, my academic interests set in real estate management as well. Thus, I would like to join a professional team with fresh ideas to help promote the innovation of urban planning in modern Chinese cities, too.


A plan of study

For graduate students on Management program in George Mason University, 10 major courses in 4 modules are required which take 36 credits in total, and two of which could be finished during study at INTO Management program.

Except for English language classes, INTO Management requires two major courses which are BMGT-613 (financial reporting and firm analysis) and BMGT-633 (Statistical Analysis for Management).


Since I transferred from INTO Accounting program to Management program after the first semester, I plan take courses BMGT-613 in 2017 summer in order to finish INTO Management program and get prepared for graduate study before fall 2017.


Academic Advisor

Dr. Emma Cutrufello, INTO George Mason University (Graduate Pathway program)


Academic References

BMGT-633     Dr. Jongdoo Lee, School of Business

ACCT-531, BMGT-613     Dr. Gary Brooks, School of Business

ACCT-551      Dr. Kelly Wentland, School of Business

PROV-501, PROV-502    Dr. Amy Lewis, INTO George Mason University

EAP-507     Dr. Sarah Baker, NVWP, English (George Mason University)

EAP-507     Dr. Deborah Sanchez, INTO George Mason University

EAP-506     Dr. Tsan-Jui Cheng, INTO George Mason University



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