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Personal statement for Mason management program


To me, urban planning is a challenge of resource distribution, while management is a game of arrangement. I never regret choosing urban planning as part of my main education at school. I learned about how to make overall arrangement to achieve certain development goals as well as to solve social problems to a city. Similarly, for a company, it is necessary to make proper plans for its orderly, continuous and efficient operation.


During the third and fourth years at undergraduate school, I took at least four major courses each semester, to name a few, Architectural construction, Architecture design theory, Principle of city planning and Real estate development & management. The courses required me to organize time efficiently so that other schoolwork such as optional courses, GRE and GMAT did not suffer as a result of time-management problems. Similarly, during the first semester on INTO Mason Accounting program, I took four courses which were Introduction to Graduate study for International students I, Graduate communication in the disciplines I, Foundations of financial reporting I, and Foundations of taxation of business entities. For me, the taxation and financial reporting were two brand-new courses. Although challenging, they helped me realize where my academic interests lies in indeed.  I believed INTO Mason Management program would give me opportunity to combine my academic experience of urban planning major and interest in management. Currently, I have got full marks in quiz and midterm exam for Statistical analysis for management by so far. And it is encouraging to know that George Mason University provides courses on business analyze which will assist me in future career.


While in China, at Beijing Architectural Design Institute of Science &Technology Co., LTD. (BADIST), Xi’an Branch, the reputed architectural design company that I have served for approximately 1 year, I examined what I learned at undergraduate school and gained valuable chances to extend them to the professional level. I enjoyed the job greatly when I was still a green hand and shouldered basic responsibilities such as sorting and archiving previous planning project reports and client information for I usually managed to acquire fresh insights and develop interesting ideas through reading those materials. More appreciatively, I could always turn to the recourse of professional and experienced members when encountering difficulties in my investigations. I also had the opportunity to join in a villa area development project at Yulin city, assisting the project planners in strategizing resources and translating their key ideas for the designers. In such environment, I grew intensely to adapt in the team and was given opportunities to receive high standard training as well as to accomplish challenging tasks. At undergraduate school, I had worked as the Assistant Secretary General in student senate where I obtained confidence, communication skills and problem solving abilities, and became interested in management related work since then. For two years, I earned the Outstanding Student Leader Award. Responsibility also helped me to take my position seriously. Indeed, tolerance is crucial in group work. However, if I am an ordinary member in a team instead of a person responsible, I will speak out my opinion but eventually do what I am told to do, while I will be more confident about my idea and would like to take responsibility for it if I am a team leader.


From the age of nine, I attended a teenager tennis club and competed at county level. After enrolled in undergraduate school, I joined the school track & field team as a middle-distance runner. The feeling that I got when I played a role within the team was amazing, more impressive than achieved an individual medal. At Mason, I keep on the exercise habit and go to gym regularly—usually three or four times per week. The cognition of properly managing schoolwork with a hobby which was not physically challenging, but emotionally required has given me an understanding of how to be practical, a skill which is valuable when planning certain business strategies.


For leisure, I do reading outside of classroom as well. I have passion for gaining knowledge and keep updating myself with new information, as well as being fascinating by foreign languages and cultural differences. Also, I am curious in and find it interesting how scholars manage their researches and how theories on books be flexibly applied to the real world. So, I have been reading some economics and business suggested books in leisure time.


Graduate school is a path to realize my interest and future career. To achieve my long-term aims, obtaining a MS degree is one of the most crucial short-term aims in coming three years. Given the chance to study at Mason graduate school, I would be thrilled to take courses such as Performance evaluation through cost management and Managing business operations in a global environmentThe learning experience at the George Mason University will be valuable asset for starting my early career. I would also love to share my ideas from an architecture student’ s perspective on management classes. With the overseas academic experience, I target real estate manager role in architectural or real estate companies in tier 1 cities in China. In such an intense and challenging working environment, I will have the best chance to grow fast. In long run, I envision myself leading a professional team with fresh ideas to facilitate the innovation of city planning in modern Chinese cities.


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